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    Микита Безушко

    Working on the theme of the essay

    This is the most important aspect that students should pay attention to. It often happens that one comes across an amazing essay, literate, detailed. But you have to rate it low, because although the best essay writer wrote it, it was written off topic. For example, the theme sounds like this: "Techniques for characterizing heroes in the novel" Martin Eden ". And the student describes in the essay the life path of only Eden - from his first appearance in the novel to the last, so to speak, "sigh". But it was important to identify precisely the techniques, and not to draw up a chronology of the hero's life.

    So, the first step is to study the topic of the essay. That is, if the topic is given: "The United States of Jack London" Martin Eden "", then it will be necessary to confine oneself to the framework of only this novel. And the theme "Love Lyrics of N. Nekrasov" is broader, which involves tracing such lyrics throughout the poet's entire creative life.


    The methodology offers such techniques that will help teach children to separate broad and narrow topics and correctly formulate the topic of the essay.

    1) Ask students to suggest essay topics on their own.
    2) Ask to analyze each word in the title of the topic of the essay and highlight the key concept (underline, circle, write out, if you need to give an interpretation of the word).
    3) Reception "Editor". Give students finished off-topic essays. Children must independently or in groups determine: what is the mistake, why the topic is indicated incorrectly, how the topic disclosed in this essay should be named.

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    Nick Hunter
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