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    sure, here's the code:
            String itemSecString = "{\"consumer_key\":\"yis0TYCu7U9V4o7M\","
                    +    "\"domain\": \"demos.vg.learnosity.com\","
                    +   "\"user_id\": \"demo_student\"}";
            String itemsString = "{\"activity_id\": \"itemsassessdemo\","
                    + "\"name\": \"Items API demo - assess activity\","
                    + "\"rendering_type\" : \"assess\","
                    + "\"state\"          : \"initial\","
                    + "\"type\"           : \"submit_practice\","
                    + "\"course_id\"      : \"demo_yis0TYCu7U9V4o7M\","
                    + "\"session_id\"     : \"041f48c9-cb80-42e8-9d06-467d92013b00\","
                    + "\"user_id\"        : \"demo_student\","
                    + "\"items\": [\"Demo3\", \"Demo4\", \"Demo5\", \"Demo6\", \"Demo7\", \"Demo8\", \"Demo9\",\"Demo10\"],"
                    + "\"assess_inline\": true,"
                    + "\"config\": {"
                    + "\"title\": \"Demo activity - showcasing question types and assess options\","
                    + "    \"subtitle\"       : \"Walter White\","
                    + "    \"administration\" : {"
                    + "        \"pwd\" : \"5e884898da28047151d0e56f8dc6292773603d0d6aabbdd62a11ef721d1542d8\","
                    + "        \"options\" : {"
                    + "            \"show_save\" : true,"
                    + "            \"show_exit\" : true,"
                    + "            \"show_extend\" : true"
                    + "        }"
                    + "    },"
                    + "    \"navigation\" : {"
                    + "        \"scroll_to_top\"            : false,"
                    + "        \"scroll_to_test\"           : false,"
                    + "        \"show_intro\"               : true,"
                    + "        \"show_outro\"               : false,"
                    + "        \"show_next\"                : true,"
                    + "        \"show_prev\"                : true,"
                    + "        \"show_accessibility\"       : true,"
                    + "        \"show_fullscreencontrol\"   : true,"
                    + "        \"show_progress\"            : true,"
                    + "        \"show_submit\"              : true,"
                    + "        \"show_title\"               : true,"
                    + "        \"show_save\"                : false,"
                    + "        \"show_calculator\"          : false,"
                    + "        \"show_itemcount\"           : true,"
                    + "        \"skip_submit_confirmation\" : false,"
                    + "        \"swipe\"                    : true,"
                    + "        \"toc\"                      : true,"
                    + "        \"transition\"               : \"slide\","
                    + "        \"transition_speed\"         : 400,"
                    + "        \"warning_on_change\"        : false,"
                    + "        \"scrolling_indicator\"      : false,"
                    + "        \"show_answermasking\"       : true,"
                    + "        \"auto_save\" : {"
                    + "            \"ui\" : false,"
                    + "            \"saveIntervalDuration\" : 500"
                    + "        }"
                    + "    },"
                    + "    \"time\" : {"
                    + "        \"max_time\"     : 1500,"
                    + "        \"limit_type\"   : \"soft\","
                    + "        \"show_pause\"   : true,"
                    + "        \"warning_time\" : 120,"
                    + "        \"show_time\"    : true"
                    + "    },"
                    + "    \"labelBundle\" : {"
                    + "        \"item\" : \"Question\""
                    + "    },"
                    + "    \"ui_style\"            : \"main\","
                    + "    \"ignore_validation\"   : false,"
                    + "    \"configuration\"       : {"
                    + "        \"fontsize\"               : \"normal\","
                    + "        \"stylesheet\"             : \"\","
                    + "        \"onsubmit_redirect_url\"  : \"itemsapi_assess.php\","
                    + "        \"onsave_redirect_url\"    : \"itemsapi_assess.php\","
                    + "        \"ondiscard_redirect_url\" : \"itemsapi_assess.php\","
                    + "        \"idle_timeout\"           : {"
                    + "            \"interval\"       : 300,"
                    + "            \"countdown_time\" : 60"
                    + "        }"
                    + "    }"
                    + "}}";
            JSONObject itemsObj = new JSONObject(itemsString);
            //itemsString = itemsObj.toString();
            init = new Init("items", itemSecString, consumerSecret, itemsObj.toString(), "");
            String itemsTest = init.generate();
    When calling the constructor, you can also pass in the JSON Object like so:
    init = new Init("items", itemSecString, consumerSecret, itemsObj,"");
    Does that make sense?
    Before I started this chat I tried passing JSONObject, String with all sorts of options and nothing seemed to work with time node init. I'm trying now with the above code.
    There are a couple of overloaded constructors and the one you'd want to call is this one:
    public Init (String service, Object securityPacket, String secret, Object requestPacket, String action)
    that's what the above code does
    Got it. I appreciate your help.
    cool, all good
    I have a question about environments. We currently have DEV,QA and PROD environments and I was wandering if you expose environments for testing and production separately or is all the same?
    Michael Sharman
    it often depends on how clients want to set things up
    you can point to our production versions, for you’re own lower level environments
    of course that might mean different versions of our products in your QA for testing and UAT etc
    in terms of content from our item bank, you can use the same (production) content across all environments
    or we can create different sandboxes in the authoring site for you to have separation of content between your environments
    hope that helped
    My concern is cluttering your PROD version with QA and DEV user_id's that we'd have to filter somehow after release later on. As far as the authoring tool goes, I think that it is fine for now to use the same PROD content across environments.
    I also have a question about storage and performance. On a given school period we might have between 20,000 and 40,000 students taking tests. Would this be a concern to you?
    Michael Sharman
    there is a difference between content (item bank) and student responses
    you can have ALL environments use the same item bank conent
    while storing student responses (different user_ids) in different systems, so they don’t clutter environments
    Michael Sharman
    ~40K students isn’t a problem
    Michael Sharman
    just to confirm, to separate the storage of user related data (across QA, Test, Prod etc) you’d need to liaise with us first so we can give you a different set of consumer credentials
    Thanks for the info.
    What would it take to establish the testing environments? Thanks.
    Michael Sharman
    would I be correct in assuming you could get away with 2 environments?
    one for production
    and the other for dev, qa, test etc
    would it matter to mix the lower level environments all together?
    One for QA, DEV etc is enough.
    Michael Sharman
    great, i’ll add a support ticket
    not quite sure when it’ll get actioned
    do you have an ETA?
    As far as I know ASAP.
    I have another question related to the item bank. Is the reference id the only point of reference to an item or activity, as far as loading it with a JSON? Currently I see that ref id can be modified even when the item or activity has been published. Let's say we store the ref id of an item or activity in house and we want to build a test referencing those.There is a possibility that someone changes the id while item or activity in use. What would be the implication of that. In general, what is the best practice that you'd recommend in handling situations like that. Do we use the data API to search for activity in the item bank and from there build the JSON object or do we store locally and make sure that ref ids are valid? Thanks.
    BTW. Thanks for replying at this hour, given you are in Sydney.
    Michael Sharman
    yes that’s the only point of reference, and yes it’s a concern if somebody changes one of those references
    we’re introducing content pools, which are essentially buckets for items/questions/tags/activities etc that would be immutable
    you can use these content pools during assessment pools
    to mitigate these concerns
    content pools are on the current roadmap, possibly for an end october release
    Hey Michael, I was wandering if the QA environment has been created?
    Hi Barzee, Michael's currently at a conference in the US, i'll try and chase up with him on this one.
    Michael Sharman
    hi, sorry nobody got back to you. Yes this has been setup
    i’ll forward the details to you shortly
    I have question about the css that can be passed to an activity template. What changes are possible with that?