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Alex Kuzmanov
ok thank
Michael Pangburn
Some recent work on Series 4 complications:
Still having trouble with pixel alignment/antialiasing for the prediction path and the labels, but it's a start.
Pete Schwamb
Eric Jensen
Nice, @mpangburn !
Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I have been looping for quite a while and I recently updated to v1.9.3. I am having a hard time getting a green circle. I am able to successfully do a button press, update the time, tune the frequency, etc. but the circle stays gray. When I press on the circle I get various messages. The latest is "The operation couldn't be completed. (Cgmblekit.Transmittererror Error 1.) Error enabling notification: unknownCharacteristic" I am guessing that I am missing something obvious, but I can't figure it out and I didn't see any other reports of an error like this. What am I missing?
I figured it out. I knew it would be something simple. It helps if you enter in insulin sensitivities, target ranges, etc. Entered that in and everything works great.
I keep having an issue where when my blood sugar is climbing, Loop ends up dosing too much insulin (between basal adjustments and suggested correction boluses). I end up with too much insulin on board, and thus my blood sugar ends up dropping rapidly and far too low. I end up chasing insulin with food. I’ve changed my ISF to higher than I’ve ever had it before, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping this cycling that’s happening. Do I need to adjust any other parameters such as peak time, insulin duration (already jacked up from 3.5 to 5 hours), or anything else?
@brynswartz I've had similar issues. It's not the ideal solution, but I've turned down the max Basal to 3x rather than 4x and that way it has a limit to how much additional basal you can get. Also increased prebolus CF a little to get ahead of things.
David Cintron
Just updated to iOS 12.1, no issues running Loop thus far
in case anyone was wondering ;)
New Xcode as well btw @Kdisimone
and 10.14.1 for that matter
@anice Great suggestion, I’ll have to try that. I know there’s a lot of tinkering that can happen with peak times and insulin durations too, so I was curious if those had any utility being adjuster in situations like this.
I was having the EXACT same issue as you if you read back a ways in this thread. What solved it for me was adjusting my basil slightly lower than pre loop AND significantly increase ISF. Like I went from 1.7mmol per unit to 2.5mmol per unit.
It’s a very complicated and convoluted set of parameters that all need work together and is different for everyone. I found that in general the temp basils that I never used to have gave me a lot more insulin over all than pre loop. For me the basals were close but the ISF was the key to smooth it out.
You will likely need to cycle for a good day or so to see this affect but believe me there will be a setting that will work.
yea i think im having ISF issues as well
i use Autotune
but not so sure its working as I would expect
have others used Autotune and its results are matching what you need?
I have not done autotune yet but will soon. Trying to get some good history with my current settings
Sorry, noob question, what’s autotune and how would I go about availing myself of it?
autotune can review your history from NS
and provide recommendations on CR, ISF, and Basals
@tswire what were some major symptoms you noticed that caused you to change the ISF
i notice that when i eat a meal, say lunch, and bolus for it, and then i add an apple into the mix 20 min later, my BGs rocket
the eventual BG shows in range, but in the meantime im way above target. im sure i need to pre-bolus instead to help cut the spike, but i feel like something else is going on but cant nail it down
Symptoms for me was constant up and down. Like all the time. I was chasing insulin with food then bam back up and then bam bolus back down.
Pre bolus is different. I still have breakfast rise from 6 to 13 and back to 6 within 2 hours. Lunch pre looping I had huge increases to 15-18 then back down but usually over 4 hours. With looping I have eliminated the lunch spike (somehow because I am not pre bolusing) but need to work on breakfast. For me I think breakfast is high carb and sugar with little to no protein that is causing it (cereal and juice)
Bottom line if you are seeing swings constantly (like rarely a straight line) then I would try to increase your ISF.
ok, thanks, going to try that nbow
I did it from 1.7mmol to 2 then 2.5. I found 2.5 to be spot on with loop. That being said I think I have nailed down my basals pretty good through testing so that helps.
thought i would share. any feedback is certainly welcomed. i think my basals are fairly close, might need some slight tweaking.
Is there a list of the current features in Loop-Dev that are not in Loop-Master 1.9.3? Also, I would be interested in trying a version with fat and protein handling, if the build would not require knowledge of the cartfile changes or file locations.
katie disimone
@DaveD1958 no, for things that are committed into dev vs. master…look at the commit history. For things that people are proposing to dev, but aren’t yet in…look at the PRs. You can check with @rsilvers for what branch he has the FPU active and updated
@DaveD1958 my FPU-IRC is dev with FPU, IRC, and Spike. It doesn’t require knowledge of Cartfile as it already handles that on its own.
Jeremy M Lucas (GetRileyLink.org)
Nice write up @rsilvers129 I’ve got a ways to go to fully understand the added variables and their full weight. But this helps to understand the principle.
Didimo Raffo
Hello, I'm going to have to find a replacement for my wife's 515 who has broken plastic and do not hold the reservoir anymore.
I'd like to know what is better in terms of Loop: a 522 with 2.4 firmware or a 523 with 2.3 firmware.
can't you Sugru it?
Catherine Washburn
Hi everyone! I have been using Loop for a while now, but trying to re-set it up on my new Mac. On step 1 to install Homebrew I'm getting the following error pop up "Can't install the software because it is not currently available from the Software Update server."
Any ideas on how to fix this?