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Repo info
    hi all.
    I use laravel :: Excel to import the data into the database. If the file reaches 10,000 lines. Very slow processes .. Help pliz
    example code:

    Excel::load('public/EkoAll.xlsx', function($reader)

            $result = $reader->select(array('date','sn','tid','place'))->get();
            foreach ($result as $key => $value) {
            foreach ($value as $key => $value1) {
    $post = Jadeeko::create([
             'date' => date("Y-m-d",strtotime($value1->date)),
             'id_num' => $value1->sn,
             'shj' => $value1->tid,
             'place' => $value1->place



    Someone familiair with excel VBA
    Fery Wardiyanto
    Hello @everyone
    Fery Wardiyanto
    I just tried laravel-excel on my project, but got an issue that exported file is empty (not resulting any data from my model).
    Fery Wardiyanto

    I create new artisan command app:export

    // App\Console\Commands\ExportDataCommand::handle()
    $model = $this->argument('model');
    $exportData = new ExportingData();

    and jobs

    // App\Jobs\ExportingData::handle()
    $store = $excel->create($filename, function ($writer) {
        $writer->sheet('Exported data', function ($sheet) {
    })->store('xls', storage_path('app/exports'), true);

    When I tried to run php artisan app:export 'App\Models\User' which is registered for App\Console\Commands\ExportDataCommand, I can see file exported to storage_path('app/exports') but it's empty no data whatsoever.

    Any solution?

    hello world ! anybody home ?!?!
    Hello. Was the laravel excel based on new version of PHP Excel (PHP Spreadsheet). Anybody know?
    Sylvain Pillet


    An eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV files for Laravel with the power of PHPExcel

    look at the channel description
    Alan Christian Ruiz Aguirre
    hello, how can I put excel cell styles
    Alan Christian Ruiz Aguirre
    OnEachRow WithValidation laravel import ???
    Narey Moumouni
    hello i want insert or update database with relationship model .How can do this ?
    Rayhan Yulanda
    Hello i want to put number for the first row. How can i do that with laravel excel 3.1?