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    Diyar Jamal
    2 replies
    Greetings! I really like the uszipcode package, and I'm wondering if it's possible to search by address / city or address / city / state to get the zip code?
    Jeremy Bond
    Hello. I was wondering if the sqlite database file is locked to a specific version of sqlite. I am using sqlite3 in python. Its 2.6.0. After the zipcode database file downloads, I am getting an sqlite3 exception saying that the file is not a database file.
    3 replies
    Hello! Love the module uszipcode so much. I know it pulls in data from various sources but I can't find what those sources are. Is there somewhere in the documentation that lays it out? Thank you for the help!
    Hello! I am trying to use uszipcode, but the download speed of the database is very slow - it has been about 30 minutes and only 3mb was downloaded. I think my internet connection is fine and I am wondering what could be the issue.
    Hi! Thanks for creating and maintaining uszipcode, it is very helpful! I'm using it for a research project and wonder what are the sources of the population density data? Just a high-level idea is good (like which year's census data) and I'd love to acknowledge your package in my paper:)
    1 reply
    Hi there.... I've noticed that a few zipcodes are missing lat/lng coordinates. Is there a way I could update those? e.g. 20060 -- it's in Washington DC (I think), but it's missing the coordinates.
    1 reply
    Sudarshan Vankudre
    Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone knows what data sources the zipcode data is being pulled from? Thanks
    1 reply

    Greetings! I really like the uszipcode package, and I'm wondering if it's possible to search by address / city or address / city / state to get the zip code?

    @rbjelinek I recommend to explore the google geocode API https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/overview


    Greetings Sanhe,
    I'm seeing roughly a 3% failure rate on population data fields for a project. I think this is similar to the question above about missing lat/long? The missing data is missing from the data source in the first place - it's not a failure of Python, in other words?

    Thanks to all involved for a fantastic library.


    Greetings all,
    Was using the library perfect and now just started getting:
    ERROR (sqlite3.DatabaseError) file is not a database
    SELECT simple_zipcode.zipcode AS simple_zipcode_zipcode, simple_zipcode.zipcode_type AS simple_zipcode_zipcode_type, simple_zipcode.major_city AS simple_zipcode_major_city, simple_zipcode.post_office_city AS simple_zipcode_post_office_city, simple_zipcode.common_city_list AS simple_zipcode_common_city_list, simple_zipcode.county AS simple_zipcode_county, simple_zipcode.state AS simple_zipcode_state, simple_zipcode.lat AS simple_zipcode_lat, simple_zipcode.lng AS simple_zipcode_lng, simple_zipcode.timezone AS simple_zipcode_timezone, simple_zipcode.radius_in_miles AS simple_zipcode_radius_in_miles, simple_zipcode.area_code_list AS simple_zipcode_area_code_list, simple_zipcode.population AS simple_zipcode_population, simple_zipcode.population_density AS simple_zipcode_population_density, simple_zipcode.land_area_in_sqmi AS simple_zipcode_land_area_in_sqmi, simple_zipcode.water_area_in_sqmi AS simple_zipcode_water_area_in_sqmi, simple_zipcode.housing_units AS simple_zipcode_housing_units, simple_zipcode.occupied_housing_units AS simple_zipcode_occupied_housing_units, simple_zipcode.median_home_value AS simple_zipcode_median_home_value, simple_zipcode.median_household_income AS simple_zipcode_median_household_income, simple_zipcode.bounds_west AS simple_zipcode_bounds_west, simple_zipcode.bounds_east AS simple_zipcode_bounds_east, simple_zipcode.bounds_north AS simple_zipcode_bounds_north, simple_zipcode.bounds_south AS simple_zipcode_bounds_south \n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b'FROM simple_zipcode \n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b'WHERE simple_zipcode.zipcode = ?\n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b' LIMIT ? OFFSET ?]\n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b"[parameters: ('00000', 1, 0)

    Any ideas? Thanks!