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    Diyar Jamal
    2 replies
    Greetings! I really like the uszipcode package, and I'm wondering if it's possible to search by address / city or address / city / state to get the zip code?
    Jeremy Bond
    Hello. I was wondering if the sqlite database file is locked to a specific version of sqlite. I am using sqlite3 in python. Its 2.6.0. After the zipcode database file downloads, I am getting an sqlite3 exception saying that the file is not a database file.
    3 replies
    Hello! Love the module uszipcode so much. I know it pulls in data from various sources but I can't find what those sources are. Is there somewhere in the documentation that lays it out? Thank you for the help!
    Hello! I am trying to use uszipcode, but the download speed of the database is very slow - it has been about 30 minutes and only 3mb was downloaded. I think my internet connection is fine and I am wondering what could be the issue.
    Hi! Thanks for creating and maintaining uszipcode, it is very helpful! I'm using it for a research project and wonder what are the sources of the population density data? Just a high-level idea is good (like which year's census data) and I'd love to acknowledge your package in my paper:)
    1 reply
    Hi there.... I've noticed that a few zipcodes are missing lat/lng coordinates. Is there a way I could update those? e.g. 20060 -- it's in Washington DC (I think), but it's missing the coordinates.
    1 reply
    Sudarshan Vankudre
    Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone knows what data sources the zipcode data is being pulled from? Thanks
    1 reply
    Sanhe Hu

    Greetings! I really like the uszipcode package, and I'm wondering if it's possible to search by address / city or address / city / state to get the zip code?

    @rbjelinek I recommend to explore the google geocode API https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/overview


    Greetings Sanhe,
    I'm seeing roughly a 3% failure rate on population data fields for a project. I think this is similar to the question above about missing lat/long? The missing data is missing from the data source in the first place - it's not a failure of Python, in other words?

    Thanks to all involved for a fantastic library.


    Greetings all,
    Was using the library perfect and now just started getting:
    ERROR (sqlite3.DatabaseError) file is not a database
    SELECT simple_zipcode.zipcode AS simple_zipcode_zipcode, simple_zipcode.zipcode_type AS simple_zipcode_zipcode_type, simple_zipcode.major_city AS simple_zipcode_major_city, simple_zipcode.post_office_city AS simple_zipcode_post_office_city, simple_zipcode.common_city_list AS simple_zipcode_common_city_list, simple_zipcode.county AS simple_zipcode_county, simple_zipcode.state AS simple_zipcode_state, simple_zipcode.lat AS simple_zipcode_lat, simple_zipcode.lng AS simple_zipcode_lng, simple_zipcode.timezone AS simple_zipcode_timezone, simple_zipcode.radius_in_miles AS simple_zipcode_radius_in_miles, simple_zipcode.area_code_list AS simple_zipcode_area_code_list, simple_zipcode.population AS simple_zipcode_population, simple_zipcode.population_density AS simple_zipcode_population_density, simple_zipcode.land_area_in_sqmi AS simple_zipcode_land_area_in_sqmi, simple_zipcode.water_area_in_sqmi AS simple_zipcode_water_area_in_sqmi, simple_zipcode.housing_units AS simple_zipcode_housing_units, simple_zipcode.occupied_housing_units AS simple_zipcode_occupied_housing_units, simple_zipcode.median_home_value AS simple_zipcode_median_home_value, simple_zipcode.median_household_income AS simple_zipcode_median_household_income, simple_zipcode.bounds_west AS simple_zipcode_bounds_west, simple_zipcode.bounds_east AS simple_zipcode_bounds_east, simple_zipcode.bounds_north AS simple_zipcode_bounds_north, simple_zipcode.bounds_south AS simple_zipcode_bounds_south \n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b'FROM simple_zipcode \n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b'WHERE simple_zipcode.zipcode = ?\n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b' LIMIT ? OFFSET ?]\n'
    [2021-11-11 04:18:25,581] {pod_launcher.py:186} INFO - b"[parameters: ('00000', 1, 0)

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    Sanhe Hu
    @federicocetraro maybe put some code about how to produce the error?
    @Abraxas3d yes, the full database has 42300 zipcode, part of them are non-standard zipcode which doesn't have lat lng sadly

    Trying to import Zipcode from uszipcode is failing.

    Here is my code
    !pip install uszipcode
    from uszipcode import Zipcode

    Fails with the folowing error on google colab, where the same code was working before Christmas 2021:

    ImportError Traceback (most recent call last)

    <ipython-input-2-5dded23d0ed2> in <module>()
    1 get_ipython().system('pip install uszipcode')
    ----> 2 from uszipcode import Zipcode

    ImportError: cannot import name 'Zipcode' from 'uszipcode' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/uszipcode/init.py)


    from uszipcode import SearchEngine, SimpleZipcode, ComprehensiveZipcode
    sr = SearchEngine()
    z = sr.by_city_and_state(city="New York", state="New York")
    income = z.median_household_income

    my code fails and says that "AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'median_household_income'". What should I change?

    Sanhe Hu
    @rachelchen22 you should use comprehensive Zipcode database instead of the simple one
    @pydesi I guess u are using Jupiter notebook, you should use %pip install uszipcode to install