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Feb 2016
Paulo Carvalho
Feb 01 2016 10:48
Hi @njx , have you figured out the reflectance sensor? BTW, have you got the led matrix? ( I was wondering if there is any example of connecting it using the mbot_nodebots I could look at.
Feb 01 2016 23:09
@paulolc reflectance sensor should work based on the examples in the repo
Also, I do have some code for the LED matrix however right now there's a big refactor of the way LED matrices work in Johnny five which will help make it work better
Paulo Carvalho
Feb 01 2016 23:37
Yes @ajfisher, all the examples, including the one for the reflectance sensor, should and do work beautifully. Thank you and all the contributors for mbot_nodebots! I'm very grateful. Being able to control my kids mbots from node, my favorite platform, is so much fun.
And thank you on the update about the LED matrix progress. Do you know if there is an issue open for the refactor I could follow for updates?