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Sep 2016
Sep 24 2016 00:04
@noitsme I'm assuming you have the WiFi module and you've put that in. Note that you'll need to change the baud rate to 115200 as well in the firmata to make it work. That was pretty much the guts of it..
Sep 24 2016 02:07
Aah, got it! I assumed that step only applied to Bluetooth. Let me give that a shot and report back. Thanks Andrew!
Sep 24 2016 03:28
modified the ino file. About to upload new firmware to mbot. wondering if I should run the USB version or the bluetooth version of this command line "interchange install git+ -a uno --firmata=usb"
i guess I will try the USB version since I have WiFi and not the bluetooth chip.
Okay, just finished the step of running node examples\wifi_motors.js. Same results as before.
Here's the exact step in the code it is stuck waiting on:
console.log('just before io.on("ready"');
io.on('ready', function(err){
if(err){ console.log( err ); return; }
Sep 24 2016 03:33
the console print displays on screen, and then the program still runs with the flashing cursor. Any ideas @ajfisher?
Line# 26. Note: I tried both with io.once('ready', function(){}) and io.on('ready', function(){}) and in neither case program execution enters the function.
Sep 24 2016 03:47
BTW this is on a Windows 10 machine.