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Sep 2016
Sep 28 2016 16:32
@ajfisher, am taking a fresh stab at connecting to the mbot over the WiFi module from a Linux machine.
I have a few knowledge gaps I would like to clear-up with your help. When running interchange with the firmata option what is the difference when I pass it usb vs. bluetooth?
interchange install ... --firmata=usb vs. --firmata=bluetooth

So far, I have mblock's program controlling mbot remotely over WiFi. So I know the chip isn't the problem.
Its only when I switch to firmata, the J5 motor example works perfectly fine over USB but not over WiFi. I did try changing the baud rate manually like you suggested, but that didn't seem to help. The J5 program is sitting waiting after this line: io.once('ready', function(){}

Appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks :)