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Oct 2016
Oct 04 2016 05:49
That was terrific suggestion! for USB, 2 new devices got added in /dev/ listing. They are: serial and ttyUSB0. Now on to doing same check after Wireless module plugged in.
Oct 04 2016 05:59
Hmm... plugging in or removing the 2.4Ghz wireless module does NOT add/remove any devices in /dev/
That kind of makes sense because I also have a wireless keyboard 2.4GHz wireless dongle plugged-in and that doesn't seem to have any corresponding /dev entry either
So though I have screen installed and ready to run, I don't know the dev terminal to connect to. : |
man, this is proving to be a tougher challenge than I envisioned :)
Consistently, for USB though, those 2 devices get added or removed: /dev/serial and /dev/ttyUSB0