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Jun 2015
Michael Miller
Jun 08 2015 04:52
Yeah, the auto correct keeps replacing words on me 😃
Jun 08 2015 18:49

so.. since i got rid of my variables that might be uninitialised the flickers has pretty much gone, unless i hit up a web page.... that was unit i move the include <neopixelbus.h> to another file..

I'm trying to keep my work modular so i can apply patches etc easily.. so i've got all my s2812 stuff in a file, separate from mqtt stuff etc... i also tried to do this with the header files... i have my base INO, then the first listed file contains the neopixel header... when i moved the include back to its own file the flickering came back with vengeance.. so i can confirm that this DOES cause it.. move it back gone, put it back, it returns...