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Jun 2015
Jun 17 2015 21:57
Greenpixel = gone!
Jun 17 2015 22:08
got a question about your new animator..
Previously if you were animating and you wrote an animation to a pixel is stopped the current animations... in this new one is that not the case... i.e. set a pixel, with callback and it'll carry it out while u can write another one. I'm thinking EQ effects here. all looks very exciting:)
Michael Miller
Jun 17 2015 23:14
If you call NeoPixelBus.SetPixelColor it will no longer stop the animation. If you call NeoPixelAnimator.StartAnimate with a new animation, the old one will be replaced with the new one. If you want to replicate the old behavior, call NeoPixelAnimator.StopAnimation() followed by NeoPixelBus.SetPixelColor().