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Jul 2015
Jul 12 2015 10:32
@Makuna thanks for your advice regarding the InfoLight. However I have no issues with it so why fix it when it is not broken. But I do have issues with converting RgbColors to HsbColors and hue/sat/bri and vice versa. It's driving me nuts. Since you are experienced with color conversions, i'd really appreciate if you could have a look at that I am trying to
The sketch is giving me Running hsb2rgb 1.: hue, sat, bri - I think so far it is correct hue = 21343 sat = 207 bri = 117 2.: Convert to H, S, L - I think so far it is still correct H = 117.24 S = 0.81 L = 0.46 3.: Convert to RgbColor - I think here is where things go wrong R = 21 G = 21 B = 21
Michael Miller
Jul 12 2015 20:20
Yeah, HSB (aka HSV) is different from HSL. I have code that I started to implement HSBColor object already, I will try to finish it and get it out soon.
Jul 12 2015 20:24
that's cool @Makuna