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Aug 2015
Aug 17 2015 12:45
@Makuna so two ESPs with no interrupts disabled have been running my animation for 9h+ which has never happened. one with xt_rsil(1); rebooted every 15min or so
Michael Miller
Aug 17 2015 15:24
Try xtrsil (5), it's more realistic level. This demostrates that the networking is rather fragil. Remind me, how many pixels?
Aug 17 2015 15:39
I tried 5, same result.. driving 144 pixels.
Interestingly, if I shut down the IDE it is more stable.
so if the mDNS is not responding to constant IDE pings, it seems to be a lot better
Aug 17 2015 16:22
igrr has used optimistic yield in the FS lib.. I was wondering exactly how it works and if it has a role in normal sketches? I believe you wrote that stuff