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Sep 2015
Michael Miller
Sep 10 2015 21:58 UTC
@sticilface instead of taking your pull, I am creating a new branch UartDriven from Animator branch that I have manually merged in your changes. I was more aggressive at getting rid of other code ;-)
I credit you and forkineye, but I can't list your real name as you don't publish it
Sep 10 2015 22:04 UTC
No problem at all! No need for credit, in just glad to have it working. I will be putting my work/code up soon. Last exam tomorrow! Then procrastination can resume:) thanks for all your work too!
Michael Miller
Sep 10 2015 22:37 UTC
what pin is the uart on? I am try to test the changes. I thought it would be the TXD1, but I am not showing any output change on that pin.
had the logic analyzer triggering off the wrong color wire. it is working
Michael Miller
Sep 10 2015 22:58 UTC
new UartDriven branch has been created. For esp8266, this is currently the best one to use.