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Feb 2016
Michael Miller
Feb 20 2016 22:03
A new version is on the Horizon!
It will support the new RgbW chips. Further, it will support one library that allows you to select Dma, Uart, or Bitbang. So no more switching branches.
It will also support the Library Manager for installation; but short term only for Esp8266.
I will post more when its available; but I wanted to hear feedback on any feature requests.
Aditya Tannu
Feb 20 2016 22:04
great, will give it a try when it’s ready!
what’s the best search term on AliExpress/eBay for the RGBW strips? Still WS2812B?
Michael Miller
Feb 20 2016 22:39
I believe ws2812b are still RGB, SK6812rgbw will get you the correct ones. SK6812 do also come in just rgb, then they should be labeled as SK6812rgb; so be careful.