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Feb 2016
Feb 21 2016 10:05
look forward to testing it.
I've been battling with an 'issue' for a while now.. and that is to know within a callback if it is the lastcall, or end of animations. the isAnimating() works when called from outside the callback, but this requires checking constantly with a function outside the callback if animations are running. my use case it that i want the next stage of animations to wait, until the current lot are finished. using progress == 1.0, seems to result in it firing yes multiple times.... i.e. it is not the last one that results in exactly 1.0... any thoughts
Michael Miller
Feb 21 2016 17:11
It seems like your issue would be solved if the isAnimating would correctly work on the last callback that has reached 1.0. This is doable and pretty easy and makes sense.
Feb 21 2016 18:56
by this do you mean that using isAnimating() inside the callback would give true for all calls to the callback, except the last one?
i guess this issue is to do with operator precision on floats no? hence why if (x == 1.0) returns true for all values greater than ... but likely 0.9
not tested it.. i just know that within a callback this condition was met 10-20 times