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Feb 2016
Feb 24 2016 07:57
How does the RGBW class work in practice...
can u use it as normal with WS2812s... and the white is ignored... but if you use it with the RGBW Leds then it controls the white one?
Michael Miller
Feb 24 2016 08:07
If you have a NeoPixelBus with NeoRgbFeature, it create a compile error if you try to set pixel using a RgbwColor. The idea being it's letting you know you are losing data.
While the inverse is not true as you are not losing data.
Do you have a reason you would want this to work?
Feb 24 2016 08:12
Not yet:)
I'm writing this application that 'does everything' my first version is on GitHub but I'm working on a much 'fancier' one... Anyway... If it was to support the new LEDS then I would have to do some fancy stuff throughout the whole code to get it work. ie drive either by selecting in software
I'm not there yet. Just figuring it out.