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Mar 2016
Mar 02 2016 13:34 UTC
Hi Makuna, hope I don
...t sound stupid cause this is my first time on github... as you can see ive already messed up
But I
have been trying to get your example code, "Neopixelfunfadeinout" to fade in and out between only 2 set colors. For example, to get it to fade from blue to red and back to blue. So far I
've only been able to get it to fade inbetween 1 specific color and I can change it by adjusting the (r, g, b) values after the HslColor function
Mar 02 2016 14:07 UTC
nvr mind WE DID IT BOYS
I copy and pasted the 2 effectstates to create "effectstate=2" and "effectstate=3." At the end, I changed "effectState = (effectState + 1) % 2 to the same thing except changed "2" to "4"
hope that makes sense
Michael Miller
Mar 02 2016 17:29 UTC
@BradleyNNHS Makes sense and you did what I would have done.