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Mar 2016
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 00:28
@marksev1 If you use the HslColor or HsbColor LinearBlend they will go through the color wheel. There might be some improvement in the blend function, like if you pick a color like purple and blend to a orange, it will blend the long way around the wheel rather the shortway (through red). This is due the numbers, purple is like 300/360 and orange is 30/360, so it counts down rather than wrap upward. I will be fixing that soon so that it takes the shortest path.
@marksev1 All the timing numbers were for examples, pick ones you like
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 00:38
@3DSasha The Dma will only send if any the pixels have changed (due to calling SetPixelColor. If you run as fast as you loop, setting at least one pixel to a different color, then the speed is 30us per pixel, plus a latch of 50us, and add another 10us overhead and that should be about as fast you can update them. With DMA, as far as your code is concerned, when you can show, it copies the working buffer into the DMA buffer and then triggers it to send, and returns before anything is actually sent; so the time above starts about the same time it returns from show. If you try to show faster than the time above, it will block your next show until it can physically send again.
100 pixels would be about 360us, or 0.36 milliseconds. or 3000 times per second. But this assumes you can do what ever animation you want in about 350us so it can send the next one as soon as it finished the last.
wow, math was wrong, you asked about 256, not 100.
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 00:45
So 256x30+50+10 = 7,740us or 7.74ms, so about 129 frames per second.
Aditya Tannu
Mar 27 2016 00:46
that would be really good math for the wiki actually
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 01:16
Aditya Tannu
Mar 27 2016 01:18
perfect, thank you very much!
Mar 27 2016 08:34
So which animation should i be implementing next? :-)
Trying to*
Keith Andrew Hill
Mar 27 2016 15:54
How about clock animations
For neopixel rings.
Mar 27 2016 17:18