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Apr 2016
Apr 09 2016 12:35
Is this like a new example :D
this rotate :D
nice I see its new great so I can implement it inside my mqtt sketch :)
Apr 09 2016 13:02
good good :)
Callum Bryant
Apr 09 2016 15:03
So I've got your library to work, but my red and green channels are completely switched eg. rgb 255,0,0 = green, rgb 0,255,0 = red. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
Michael Miller
Apr 09 2016 17:10
@Nixes Read about Features here and use the the NeoPixelTest example described here as a way to confirm.
Neopixels come is a variety of color orders, you need to just figure out which is yours and use the right Feature when you construct the NeoPixelBus.
@marksev1 there is a new example that demonstrates it. NeoPixelRotateLoop