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Apr 2016
Apr 11 2016 08:44
interesting :)
@sticilface can you tell me more, so you said you are maybe going to implement that HSB mqtt controls,..but what other controls regarding color control are already available how could i change color from an external app with which protocol? Also regarding that Mqe7 does it work also just for a strip or does it have to be a matrix?
Aditya Tannu
Apr 11 2016 14:19
people seem to be doing fun stuff with this library, maybw we can have a sample project links in the wiki?
Michael Miller
Apr 11 2016 16:57
@/all If you have fun projects based on this library, provide me a link and I will add it to the Wiki here. So far I only have one although I know there are more ;-)
Apr 11 2016 19:17
@marksev1 you can enable MQTT and send via that, or you can control it with standard HTTP GET commands. i've not documented that, and i'd like to change it over to all using JSON. if you look though the index.htm you will find all the names for the fields that get sent
I'm quite tied up at the moment, and the beats thing will be a lot of work. as of now it only works for a graphic equaliser, in a crude strip 8x8. all the WS2812s will work in a strip
Apr 11 2016 21:02
Cool :-)