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May 2016
Maksim Surguy
May 31 2016 18:12
Hello! I am trying to figure out a way to create very long and slow animations using this library. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve a slow rainbow shifting across the strip? I have tried using different timescales like NEO_CENTISECONDS but when I do that, the colors seem to jump from current to next quite noticeably. Doing a fade to black though seems to work just fine for long animations.
Michael Miller
May 31 2016 23:36
The best way to calculate the colors for the RAINBOW animation is to use the Hslcolor object, and just animate the Hue property of it. Do you have a sample sketch that demonstrates the jumping? Usually this is caused by a incorrect math or not understanding the color space you are working in, but code will help. P.s. enclose code in a code formatting block like...
Sorry, can't do it from the android app for some reason?!