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Jun 2016
Vladimir Savchenko
Jun 04 2016 09:04
@Makuna on ESP8266, controlling the first pixel is a bit tricky (apparently due to the fact that the ESP is 3.3v and WS2812b expect 5v driver, at least this is what i read here If this is indeed correct, maybe it would be worth adding it as a note in the documentation. I spent few hours debugging this, when i finally remembered that i had read this post few months ago :))) What's more interesting, it works more or less ok if the brightness is e.g. 20,20,20, but on full brightness is fails almost once in each 5 invocations :)
Michael Miller
Jun 04 2016 15:48
@vlast3k I have had a FAQ entry for this a while. see Esp8266 (or other 3.3v based Arduino)....
The WS chips are sensitive to voltage, the SKS chips seem to be FAR more resilient to having IO at 3.3v.
I wish the wiki had a better search.
Vladimir Savchenko
Jun 04 2016 18:23
@Makuna aahh shame on me! i didn't read the faq, and this is in fact on the top... the proposal with lowering the source voltage seems to be fine for my case (1 pixel), i will just put some diode :)