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Oct 2016
Michael Miller
Oct 06 2016 02:46
@mkeyno You need to take a step back and learn C++. If you can't spot why the above does what it is doing (which it is working correctly), then you need to go learn array indexing and object conversion constructors.
Mehrdad K
Oct 06 2016 07:09
ok , I give up , I'm not gonna get any answer here, but just for information , I just change the object code to lib FastLED without change any things else and then upload code , and its work as it should be
 ESP.flashRead(_memory_pointer,(uint32_t *)LED_BUFFER    ,NUM_LEDS*3 );  
  for(int i = 0;i<NUM_LEDS*3; i=i+1)   {   Serial.print((char)LED_BUFFER[i]);Serial.print(";");   }   Serial.println("");
  for( int i = 0;i<NUM_LEDS; i=i+1) 
   Serial.print((char) leds[i].red);  Serial.print(";"); 
   Serial.print((char)leds[i].green);  Serial.print(";"); 
   Serial.print((char)leds[i].blue);  Serial.print(";");