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Nov 2016
Nov 29 2016 16:28 UTC
@Makuna I had a quick question about the RGBW colour space - I had a look at the source code, but I don't completely comprehend!
Currently, for RGB to RGBW the individual channels are mapped, setting white to zero. Correct? But, how is the conversion from HSL colour space to RGBW done?
Michael Miller
Nov 29 2016 19:01 UTC
@ashthespy HSL is first converted to RGB and then the channels are mapped. See code here.
With the W channel there is no standard I can follow for conversion, so it is normally ignored and left up to individual sketch writers to do anything specific they want to do.
What you point to is the definition of the method; what I pointed to is the implementation of the method. While headers (.h) can contain implementation also they normally contain defintions, code files (.c, .cpp) contain only implementation.
Nov 29 2016 19:40 UTC
@Makuna Makes sense. And thanks for the clarification!
Nov 29 2016 21:50 UTC
Is it possible to have an animation set the pixel color in a way that lasts after the animation has stopped?
I have been trying to get NeoPixelFunFadeInOut to just fade in and "stick" rather than fade to black.
I also tried making the FunLoop leave behind the random color in it's trail. Must be missing something conceptually because I can't pull either off.