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Dec 2016
Dec 08 2016 02:50
Do you have any example code using websockets or something else to edit variables via web? I'm trying to merge your NeoPixelFunRandomChange sketch with this example ( but can't get the websockets demo to compile:
Line 14 of the example code (NeoPixelBus strip = NeoPixelBus(pixelCount, 8, NEO_GRB | NEO_KHZ800);) causes this error:
ESP8266_WebSockets_NeoPixels:14: error: invalid use of template-name 'NeoPixelBus' without an argument list.
The syntax doesn't look like that in your examples so maybe the author was using an older version or user error on my part
Michael Miller
Dec 08 2016 04:42
The author is using version one of the library. That old version had different source base for ESP; but is no longer supported. It should be an easy update; the constructor changed (the error you are seeing); but the new code has plenty of examples to copy this from.
Take a look at ESP8266HueEmulator