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Mar 2017
Mar 19 2017 09:35
Hello! First of all, thank you for implementing the BMP classes, great work and very useful!
A question: Are you interested in JPEG support as well? are you aware of picojpeg and perhaps thought about decoding JPEG files as well? ESP8266 seems to be able to have sufficient ressources to decode JPEG in resonable time.
Michael Miller
Mar 19 2017 18:36
I hadn't thought about jpeg. Is the savings in space really that big (since most images used for neopixels aren't really that big) to be worth even doing it? Have you tested images you are using now to see if they are even smaller than the bmp versions? Or would you rather have RLE compression support in the bitmap support? RLE tends to better for smaller images.
Mar 19 2017 20:59
I think about a strand of 500 to 700 pixels that i'd like to program with images instead of programming the effects by properly coding. For about 5 or more fps I quickly run out of FLASH if the animation is supposed to be longer than a couple of minutes. However, plan B is to attach an SD-card and space wont be an issue anymore. So, indeed it was more out of curiosity if you thought about it so far. RLE within a bitmap might indeed work well, since I expect many effects to have a couple of blacked pixels in a run, which should compress well then.