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May 2017
May 07 2017 14:48
Hi Makuna, thank you very very very much for your code. I was stuck with neopixels and esp8266 using the standard library, and i had all sort of random wtd resets, and finally, after days of continuous debugging on my code, i've understood that the problem was related to the show() function, and the way it works with interrupts. So i came across your fantastic library (if only i knew it before). Converting my cose was quite easy, and in a couple of hours i had all my code finally up and running stable as never before. I'm also starting to integrate the animator, was a marvellous thing you did there. So, again, thank you sooooo much, you saved my day, your library is amazing and superpowerful :D
Michael Miller
May 07 2017 16:48
@PedroScreamerovsky Thanks!