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Jun 2017
Jun 02 2017 15:56
Hi guys! i need some help with ws2812b and eso8266. I have a sketch of the LED clock, but i need to add offset for led strip. I want it start from the middle of the strip, but not from the first led after my wires. Can anyone help me?
Jun 02 2017 17:26
@semeniako your problem had my attention as I was thinking of doing the same thing and saw a guy had the same problem. I have not had a chance to look at the codes out there, but I have some suggestions
1) use map function if possible, map(pixnum, 0, 59, -30, 29)
Jun 02 2017 17:32
2) some if statement such as if pixnum<30; newnum=pixnum +30,else numnum =pixnum-30
3) hardware rotate your clock 180 degrees and run extra wires along the rim of the clock
some suggestions.... dont know if it helps without seeing the code