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Jun 2017
Jun 12 2017 19:29
@Makuna NeopixelAnimator I tried it with webcalls, and confirmed that it does works along with listening to http. But boy without knowing C++, the complexity of the code is basically impossible for me to understand. I am assuming that NeoPxiel can be adapted to any neopixel animation. Can you help me by writing a brief outline that highlights what I need to do. For example, An outline for Blinking on/off one pixel Blue, and on HTTP request stop this blinking. Do I simply change the SetupAnimationSet() if so, what would it look like, And if I want to stop the animation, what is the easiest way to do that? Also with SetupAnimationSet() and what would that look like?? Thanks, I spent couple hours trying to understated your library, but it is simply beyond me.. Mainly because I am not versed in C++