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Jul 2017
Rúben Caceiro
Jul 03 2017 19:54 UTC
The neopixeis are powered by a power source with 30 A at 5V, and the grounds of ESP32, the strip, and the power source are connected
Yes my strip are RGBW
Rúben Caceiro
Jul 03 2017 20:15 UTC
I use the delay(1) and improved but stills flicker e tried delay(5) and stills...I think it flickers because the pin like ESP8622 it maybe only works fine on especific port...but ESP dev kits has many varients and I cannot find mine because I want to use RX pin like ESP8622
Rúben Caceiro
Jul 03 2017 21:22 UTC
I already try with RX0 and stills flicker
I tested the code and strip with an ESP8622 and no flicker
Someone already has ESP32 with SK6812 strip working
Michael Miller
Jul 03 2017 23:48 UTC
Yes, I do, rgbw also. You may need a level converter. did you get to try one? Did you try just setting it to five pixels?