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Dec 2017
Michael Miller
Dec 04 2017 18:54
Animated from "active" data (think christmass lights responding to music) or "static data" like a slideshow? Just trying to get more details so people can better understand what you are trying to accomplish.
Hans Gerwitz
Dec 04 2017 19:14
Ideally both. I'd like to have "static animation" scenes as well as a means to stream "live" raw pixel data. I will have an exclusive, wired network, so if the controller only handles raw pixel data, the sender can deal with scenes.
(End goal: z-wave scene triggers of prepared animations for normal use, but "live shows" on special occasions)
Michael Miller
Dec 04 2017 22:55
Just talking out loud here.
840 RGBW pixels, that's 3360 bytes per frame. To update 840 RGBW pixels on a single bus is about 42ms per frame, so you are capped at 23 frames per second unless you drive more than one bus to update them all.