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Dec 2017
Ed Skinner
Dec 25 2017 04:09
I have seen this kind of thing when you do not have enough current or the voltage drops too low. If you are running the ESP with 5v LED's and without a voltage leveler, you really need to make sure the voltage is high enough to trigger your LED's correctly. What has happened to me is I tried to power the ESP and a lot of leds. Too much current was drawn and the voltage dropped. All kinds of things can happen then. Take a look at the voltage and make sure it is correct. Hope this helps.
Gabriel Wolf
Dec 25 2017 12:23
I use an Adafruit BSS138 logic level shifter. Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope to measure the data line. My volt meter says 3,26 V (from the HUZZAH) at LV and 4,97 V (from the power supply) at HV on the level shifter. Is this close enough?