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Feb 2018
Guillem Cabo
Feb 13 2018 14:59
hi, i have tried some example code on teensy lc and i get the following errors
.piolibdeps/NeoPixelBus_ID547/src/internal/NeoArmMethod.h:295:52: error: invalid declarator before 'NeoArmWs2813Method'
typedef NeoArmMethodBase<NeoArmMk26z64SpeedWs2813> NeoArmWs2813Method;
.piolibdeps/NeoPixelBus_ID547/src/internal/NeoArmMethod.h:690:9: error: 'NeoArmWs2813Method' does not name a type
typedef NeoArmWs2813Method NeoWs2813Method;
Michael Miller
Feb 13 2018 20:21
@GuillemCabo To help me, help you; please include which board you select in the boards menu and what "board package" you installed to get it. Also, which example you were using and did you make any changes at all to it to reproduce the problem. thanks
Michael Miller
Feb 13 2018 20:33
BTW, the Teensy LC should be supported.