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Feb 2018
Michael Miller
Feb 15 2018 03:35
@GuillemCabo The problem is corrected this change (Makuna/NeoPixelBus#198)
Let me know if you hit any other issues.
Guillem Cabo
Feb 15 2018 12:06
DAM! I check the code and i didn't spot it. Easy fix :3
Working Flawless
The only thing is that i had to pull the library from your github, I don't know how much will take until platformio updates their own files.
Michael Miller
Feb 15 2018 18:18
I should have mentioned that I didn't create a new release yet. I have one or two small things going in very soon then I will make an official release. Once I make it, it takes about a day before it shows up in the IDEs as an update.