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Mar 2018
Mar 10 2018 11:14
Hi, I want to add a Timer1 ISR to have a firing every 0.25 s and do some light motion with the WS2812 240 strip led
but it gives me this error

error: void myTimer1_ISR() causes a section type conflict with static volatile void NeoEsp8266DmaMethodBase<T_SPEED>::i2s_slc_isr() [with T_SPEED = NeoEsp8266DmaSpeed400Kbps]

void ICACHE_RAM_ATTR myTimer1_ISR(){

In file included from ...Arduino\libraries\NeoPixelBus_by_Makuna\src/NeoPixelBus.h:67:0,

I believe, the NeoPixel code uses the Timer1 also ?
How can I manage that? On Arduino nano I was using TIMSK1 = 1<<OCIE1A; // ISR on Output Compare1 (TCNT1==OCR1)
but on ESP8266 there is no such feature