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Apr 2018
Apr 19 2018 20:48
Hi michael coud you tell me how to use the keyword "NeoHueBlendClockwiseDirection" Or maybe where i can find the explanations of the keywords ? Thanks
Michael Miller
Apr 19 2018 23:34
The example code it has shows using NeoHueBlendShortestDistance, but NeoHueBlendClockwiseDirection can replace it along with the counter clockwise. I believe there is also longest distance but checking the header file is always your best bet.
If you search for HSL color with your favorite search engine, you will see how the Hue component is described as a wheel. When blending between two colors near opposite sides of the wheel, you need to provide the hint at how to blend toward it. Most often NeoHueBlendShortestDistance is your best bet if you don't know. It will take the shortest arc distance on the wheel, sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter clockwise.