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May 2018
Michael Miller
May 21 2018 00:56 UTC
There is no way to avoid the strip blinking when flashing except by adding an external switch (like a switching transistor that requires another pin to be high to enable the data pin for the strip, thus no signal will get to the strip until you set that pin high in your code).
Or using the UartMethod which uses another pin (pin 3).
May 21 2018 05:16 UTC
@r1dd1ck I'm injecting power at the beginning and the end of the strip. Even at full power (RGBW 100%), I don't have any "brown outs" so I guess, power is ok.
Michael Miller
May 21 2018 05:36 UTC
@kopierschnitte are you breaking a link in the middle, or are you basically creation a large loop of wire? Loops are bad, they act like antennas and add noise to your circuit.
(I doubt this is your problem, but its something to be aware of)