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Aug 2018
Jerry Isdale
Aug 11 2018 22:07
Aloha! we are using ESP32 with several neoPixel strips and/or single pixels for a BurningMan project. I have a library (NeoEffects) that provides async effects across multiple "windows" (parts of a 'strip', or chained rings/strips) built on the Adafruit library. Naturally, it was giving us a bunch of flicker issues, so I thought we'd give NeoPixelBus a try.
Initial tests looked great for most Animations, until i fired up NeoPixelFunRandomChange - it fills the (main) strip with a variety of colors and then starts changing them... but it flickers terribly. I'm not seeing this on other Animation Examples, but most of them have moving animations where flicker would be hard to detect. Changing the Time of animation (even to 5000) doesnt seem to change the flicker.
We are using Adafruit ESP32 feather, with the main strip on pin 12.
Where does this flicker come from? It is a deal killer in switching to the NPBus, especially with some 20-30 animations to convert.