These are chat archives for Makuna/NeoPixelBus

Aug 2018
Michael Miller
Aug 26 2018 19:08
@zscioli_gitlab First, learn how to install and use Arduino IDE (outside the scope of this group). Then follow instructions on Github for Arduino-Esp32 to install board support for Esp32 which is your Huzzah 32 Feather and connect your Huzzah (also outside the scope of this group).
Then Follow instruction on NeoPixelBus to find and get the library installed. Then check the examples menu for that can be uploaded to your connected Huzzah.
Jerry Isdale
Aug 26 2018 22:57
@zscioli_gitlab are you near any maker/hacker spaces? the initial steps to setting up any dev environment are often the biggest hurdle (aside from knowing how to code in general). It can be really really helpful to have a mentor with you in person.