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Sep 2018
Sep 04 2018 09:33
@Makuna Could you please help me? :)
Michael Miller
Sep 04 2018 15:34
@MDreamer_1_gitlab it's more than likely the level shifter. Some of them are not fast enough and cause issues with the pulse waveform. Try it without the level shifter. Check the FAQ for some other suggestions. I am out of town and can't look deep into this now, but these are the common things people hot with 3.3v uC.
Jerry Isdale
Sep 04 2018 17:32
@MoridinTX Which pins are you using for those two strips? Use pin # < 20 (ck documentation) as many pins are not fully supported i/o on the esp32. I had significantly better success moving to lower pin numbers. Also does code work for each strip separately?
Sep 04 2018 21:50
@MauiJerry Howdy, I am attempting pins 16 and 17. Individually they work, but once I define two strips of the same type, but different pins and LED counts, the animation on the first strip on 16 stops. Just defining the second strip, causes the behavior.
Sep 04 2018 22:15
@Makuna Thanks mate. Last night I got to the same conclusion myself.. those dodgy level shifters! I order bunch of these: and hopefully it will make my problems go away