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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 00:57
@MDreamer it's definitely the level shifter. Those transistor converters are entirely not suitable for 1-wire LED (data line) use as they are not fast enough to propagate the signal properly. The 74HCT245 from your second post is more than suitable though :-) In the mean time you can try removing the level shifter and connect it directly to the 3.3V output - which might work for not too long signal wires.
Sep 05 2018 01:24

You have to use different methods for each strip init, because currently the Neo800KbpsMethod is by default hardcoded to use the I2S (channel 1) method, so if you want to use 2 pins/channels parallel, you have to pick the corresponding methods/channels manually, like this:
NeoPixelBus (master/release):

NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, NeoEsp32I2s0800KbpsMethod> strip1(NUM_LEDS1, DATA_PIN1);
NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, NeoEsp32I2s1800KbpsMethod> strip2(NUM_LEDS2, DATA_PIN2);

or, alternatively, you could use the RMT branch of the library, and then your original init sequence would work as expected:
NeoPixelBus (RMT branch):

NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, Neo800KbpsMethod> strip1(NUM_LEDS1, DATA_PIN1);
NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, Neo800KbpsMethod> strip2(NUM_LEDS2, DATA_PIN2);
NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, Neo800KbpsMethod> strip8(NUM_LEDS8, DATA_PIN8);
Sep 05 2018 03:31
@r1dd1ck thanks mate. I tries to connect it directly (I have only 6 LEDs and short wires) and it is not working ok.. not stable. I ordered the level shifters. Let's hope they will arrive quickly and will solve this issue.
Sep 05 2018 20:01
@r1dd1ck Thanks! I will give that a try.