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Dec 2018
Nikos Mouratidis
Dec 09 2018 10:44
Hi people. Using Blt to copy a NeoBuffer object to a NeoPixelBrightnessBus seems to disregard the brightness setting and copies the buffer as is. Is this right or I'm missing something in the documentation?
Michael Miller
Dec 09 2018 17:48

@mouridis This is correct. NeoPixelBrightnessBus is a "novice" support class, for compatibility, while NeoBuffer is an advanced support object (like many others). None of the advanced object will honor the brightness in NeoPixelBrightnessBus.

Some background is here

What you should use is the NeoBuffer or NeoDib Render method, which takes a shader that you implement the brightness support.

How do you fill the NeoBuffer?

See the NeoPixelDibTest example for a NeoDib implementation of a brightness shader.
Michael Miller
Dec 09 2018 17:54
see the NeoPixelBufferShader example for a NeoBuffer implementation of a brightness shader.