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Dec 2018
Dec 31 2018 12:43
Hi! Is there a #define macro or other way to get the NeoPixelBus version the user has installed? I would like to automatically replace "NeoEsp8266Uart800KbpsMethod" with "NeoEsp8266Uart1800KbpsMethod" when the user has installed v2.4.0+ so my sketch is compatible with all versions. Otherwise it'd be nice if the name "NeoEsp8266Uart800KbpsMethod" could be reintroduced for compatibility (though i understand this might lead to confusion if the same method has multiple names)
Dec 31 2018 13:01
Hi. Accidentally i just found this. Pretty nicely described timing of LEDs, but you probably know it already, so maybe others will found it useful :)
Michael Miller
Dec 31 2018 19:25
@Benik3 definitely not accurate. Again, some are very flexible, some are not. Just this past year I had to default the reset to over 300us as most of the new ones require at least this.
@Aircoookie the answer to this with all Arduino libraries is tell the user to get the latest. I will be pulling the methods marked with 800mhz as the methods names changed to use the pixel model, like ws2813
Michael Miller
Dec 31 2018 19:30
They were left in only to give time to work out bugs and issues.