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Jan 2019
Jan 13 09:02
Thanks @sticilface, it's literally in the first line of the README so it was a bit of a stupid question...
Jan 13 19:30
I'm trying to compile my code with the current versions of esp-idf, Arduino as component, and NeoPixelBus library. Essentially, compiling is fine, but I got the error that there are undefined references to i2sWriteDone, i2sInit, i2sSetPins and some more. Any idea what to add here?
see some messages here:\libmain.a(main.o):(.literal._Z41static_initialization_and_destruction_0ii+0xc): undefined reference to i2sWriteDone'\libmain.a(main.o):(.literal._ZN21NeoEsp32I2sMethodBaseI23NeoEsp32I2sSpeedWs2812x17NeoEsp32I2sBusOneE6UpdateEv[NeoEsp32I2sMethodBase<NeoEsp32I2sSpeedWs2812x, NeoEsp32I2sBusOne>::Update()]+0x4): undefined reference toi2sWrite'\libmain.a(main.o):(.literal._ZL12run_oneventPvPKciS+0xe8): undefined reference to i2sInit' .../build/main\libmain.a(main.o):(.literal._ZL12run_on_eventPvPKciS_+0xec): undefined reference toi2sSetPins'\libmain.a(main.o): In function `
static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int)':
.../main/main.cpp:86: undefined reference to `i2sWriteDone'
Michael Miller
Jan 13 20:06
@an-erd Not sure what IDE or build environment you are using, but those "missing" methods are part of NeoPixelBus library (see Esp32_is2.h/.c)
With Arduino IDE 1.8.8, Esp32 Arduino Board Support 1.0.1, and the NeoPixelBus 2.4.1; everything builds fine.
Debashish Sahu
Jan 13 23:29
@Makuna question: ESP32 + APA102 = I have to use DotStarSpiMethod method. To make of hardware SPI on ESP32, I have to use GPIO 23 for DATA and GPIO 22 for CLK?