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Jan 2019
Me No Dev
Jan 15 02:41
@Makuna what do you mean by "On the Esp32, the pins for hardware are selectable. BUT, currently they are not exposed yet"?
Debashish Sahu
Jan 15 07:14
The pins are not exposed in NeoPixelBus for hardware SPI.
Michael Miller
Jan 15 09:51
@me-no-dev Its not exposed by me in a simple way. The first fix will expose the pins on NeoPixelBus.Begin. Then I have the issue that there are multiple HW SPI that should be selectable. That will come in another change. Part of the whole issue is the way Arduino likes to have global and pre constructed (SPI) and I have to design around that.

@debsahu I have a branch (esp32spi) up with the first changes if you want to give it a try. Its not been heavily tested yet.
construct like

NeoPixelBus<DotStarBgrFeature, DotStarSpiMethod> strip(PixelCount);

call begin like this and change the pins passed as needed

strip.Begin(SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS);
Me No Dev
Jan 15 15:53
@Makuna I think that I should move hardware to use static locks, so even if you spin your own SPI class connected to the same bus, both interfaces will work together
Jan 15 17:35
Hello there.
Does anyone tested ESP8266 BitBang method? I have an ESP which is already installed and hardly accessible so I wanted to try it with this, but I got totally rubbish on the LEDs(no color matching, much more LEDs shown then defined).
I tried it with 800kbps and WS2812x method.
Michael Miller
Jan 15 20:11
@Benik3 Read the Wiki, The Esp8266BitBang is only for testing and can't really be used except for very short strips, like only a few LEDs.