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Jan 2019
Jan 31 15:07
I'm having some issues compiling. I keep getting blocked by:
In file included from /home/local/ANT/averdow/Arduino/libraries/NeoPixelBus_by_Makuna/src/internal/NeoEsp8266UartMethod.cpp:28:0:
/home/local/ANT/averdow/Arduino/libraries/NeoPixelBus_by_Makuna/src/internal/NeoEsp8266UartMethod.h: In member function 'void NeoEsp8266AsyncUart<T_UARTFEATURE, T_UARTCONTEXT>::UpdateUart()':
/home/local/ANT/averdow/Arduino/libraries/NeoPixelBus_by_Makuna/src/internal/NeoEsp8266UartMethod.h:260:9: error: 'swap' is not a member of 'std'
         std::swap(_asyncPixels, _pixels);
exit status 1
Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module).
This is part of
Using Arduino 1.8.5, tried 2.4.1, 2.4.0, and 2.3.5 of NeoPixelBus
Debashish Sahu
Jan 31 17:19
@RedWagon Try adding #include <algorithm>
Michael Miller
Jan 31 17:39
I unsure why some people are having a problem, but a few people have hit this using platformio. The swap method is part of stl, and as redwagon pointed out it is included when algorithm is included. but, this include is already present in Arduino.h; so I suspect that if you just include Arduino.h at the top of your sketch this will fix it.
What OS are you using? BTW, Arduino IDE 1.8.8 is out, not sure if that will fix it either.
Jan 31 18:16
Using Ubuntu, 64 bit
I had more issues with 1.8.8 and switched this project to 1.8.5 per the wiki comments
New errors! (this time someone else's library) #include <algorithm> worked.
I'll stick around in case anyone wants more info to find the root cause