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Feb 2019
Feb 14 03:45

@Makuna Having a difficult time converting the funrandomchange example to use RGBW. I'm using the NeoRgbwFeature and RgbwColor. No matter what i try i get randomly flashing White LEDs with just a hint of other colors.

Am i missing something?

Feb 14 04:04
And to be more specific, all i have done to the sketch is change NeoGrbFeature to NeoRgbwFeature and RgbColor to RgbwColor, which from what i can gather from the Wiki, should be all i need to get my 40LED SK6812 strip to work
Michael Miller
Feb 14 08:04
@zjhuffman Did you try the NeoPixelTest example first?
What device (which Arduino) are you using?
Alos, include the versions of arduino IDE, arduino board support, and the NeoPixelBus.