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May 2016
Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin
May 23 2016 12:35
Log has many ERROR -- : <AutomationEngine> MiqAeServiceModelBase.ar_method raised: <Errno::EPIPE>: <Broken pipe>
and ERROR -- : <AutomationEngine> MiqAeServiceModelBase.ar_method raised: <IOError>: <IOError>.
Off the top of anyone's head, what am I doing wrong?
Mooli Tayer
May 23 2016 12:49
@cben is there a stack trace in automation.log ?
not sure yet I care about this; just noticed it in logs.
ah, that's evm.log. no trace in automation.log.
Mooli Tayer
May 23 2016 13:28
That's from byebug @cben